Wuhu HaiTuo Electronics Ltd


We are the components trader in Middle of China, With 10years purchasing experience in Electronics Components、Automatization、Cable、Power Tools and related industries.

Our purchaser once worked in Delta Electronics、Foxconn、Chervon、Bosch Company separately.


Both of them are professional and good at supplier development, Supplier management, supplier maintenance, Quality Control,

Most important thing is that we are located in China, and be familiar with Chinese industrial chain Very Much.


Actually, From the day we funded, we aim to save our clients’ time, fulfillment their request, Cost Dawn for them.

We got good performance and feedback from our clients like Delta,Foxconn,etc



if you have something we can help to save your time, we can Help!

If you need us help collect some information, We can Help!

If you need to find some replacement components for cost dawn, We can Help!


Easy words, if you need, if we can, lawful, we can Help!

We want to be your professional assistant in China. We charge nothing if not incurred.